Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Showreel 2012

Here's a recent showreel documenting some of my work over the last few years.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Video I have produced....

Here's a link to Napalm Death's video 'Time Waits For no Slave', I had assistance from friend Matt Flowerday with lighting and shooting the band. I directed, produced, animated and edited it together. Quite happy with it, a long song and I wish I had just a little more time for it. Anyway, here it is....

Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm back!

After a long time away from this blogger thing, I'm back with recent news. The Heart organization who were going to commission my Dragon Animation, decided in the end that 'they didn't have the budget for this' despite many meetings and assigning me bigger projects, they then decided they didn't want to pay me for my services. A lesson learned there then; always negotiate a fee at the very beginning, not half way through and after many hours spent on a project for no return.
I have gained full time employment within a locally based food photography business. I airbrush images of food products that end up on the supermarket shelves. More recently I have been taking the photographs too. Good to have job security within these shaky 'credit-crunch' times.
We recorded a new Goober Patrol album a couple of weekends ago (well, the drums and bass so far) it's sounding nice, the best songs we've had so far in my opinion and can't wait to hear it finished. Wonder if a label will put it out? Hope so.
Vanilla Pod gigs have slowed down a bit, but it appears a label wants to release our new stuff- not sure how i feel about it as I have had dealings with this particular label before....
After my Goober Patrol video, I have had alot of interest from bands wanting me to make videos for them which is very flattering. I am currently in production of a video for a very well know 'Grind' or hardcore band from back in the day who are now more popular than ever. This has been alot of work so far and I'm working every night on this after work, totting up a nice 14 hours a day I roughly spend in front of a computer. The band were really nice and easy to direct. I will post the video once it is completed. Again, I am looking forward to seeing the completed version of the video. More soon....

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Very nearly done....

An incredibly hectic weekend STILL editing but finally I'm pleased with the video overall. Until I spotted a stupid spelling mistake which took a bit of rectifying. Here's the final edit. I can't watch it anymore. My eyes hurt.
Compressors and their specific merits have been hot topics of conversation as well as 'is this straight' during the putting together of the exhibition today. I'm pleased with the images I have chosen to display - they are very bold and eyecatching. A weird feeling really that this year has flown by so quickly. Literally seems like 10 minutes ago when we all met and sat down to make our group animation. This return to education has fulfilled all the goals I had set in my mind initially and alot more besides. I have improved my design and technical skills and my work reflects these gains. I built a website, made a video, got some work comissioned and all in all had a very pleasant time back at The Norwich School of Art and Design (I'm not a fan of the new moniker though) I feel a sense of achievement and am quite proud of myself all round. There were many ups and downs within this intensive time and I just about kept my head above water.
So, what's next?

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Finished Edit

Well, after a mental amount of long days and late night, here's a final edit for the video, very happy with how it turned out. Still trying to find a better compression for the web as I'm not too happy with the resolution here. The hi-res version looks great and I can't wait to see it on a big screen. Can't believe this year has flown by so fast! A long mental journey of ups and downs, lots of hurdles along the way and a lots of self-doubt, but I'm glad I stuck with it! Anyway, I think this video fulfills the slot for a Masters project and I enjoyed all the processes from start to finish. Even colour keying for hours!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New Rough Edit

Here's a rough edit of how it's going to look. I'm very happy so far - the first half is more or less o.k. and the second half is incomplete. Don't know about including the smoke on the end part or if it looks a bit shit or not, but I quite like it...I don't know ?

Goober Patrol - Mind The Gap New Edit (still incomplete) from Tom Blyth on Vimeo.
More soon !

Sunday, 3 August 2008

This weekend.....

...was good fun, a nice change from being cooped up in front of my computer all hours day and night -I played a festival in Selestat, France withe The Toy Dolls. Was really hot and I'm really unfit currently so it was a bit of a killer.Managed to sling together a rough edit of my Masters project, lots more to do and time is rapidly slipping away....

Goober Patrol - Mind The Gap (Rough Edit) from Tom Blyth on Vimeo.